Animal Emergency Centre

Animal Emergency Centre

Animal Emergency Centre

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Animal Emergency Centre
18/151 Princes Highway

Hallam 3803
Melways Ref: 91 D12
Business Hours
24 hours, 365 days per year
The Animal Emergency Centre is open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.†

We are committed to optimum patient care, and are fully equipped to cater for emergency situations, ongoing intensive care, surgery and diagnostic work.

We are operative as an Emergency Facility for those time periods when your regular veterinarians may not be open or available to treat your pets. From 5pm through to 9am during the week, and then from 5pm Friday through to Monday 9am. There is no appointment necessary, although a phone call is often helpful in assessing your petís condition. Advice is†
~ The SEAEC is a state of the art, purpose built facility designed to provide progressive medical, surgical, emergency and critical care 24 hours a day.†

~ We pride ourselves in having experienced and qualified staff devoted to providing a caring environment that treats people and animals with dignity, kindness and respect.†

~ We have highly experienced emergency and critical care teams that work closely with our other in-house referral disciplines to provide and integrated approach to case management.†

~ Our staff continuously receive advanced training in emergency practices to ensure your pets benefit from the most up-to-date care.†

~ Emergency services provided by the SEAEC encompass a full range of diagnostics such as in-house pathology, ultrasound, video endoscopy and advanced imaging.†

~ We also have the capability for advanced anaesthesia, surgery, intensive care, assisted ventilation and a full range of blood products, fluid therapy and medications including snake and tick antiserum.†

~ We recognize that timely and clear communication is a key element in client-veterinarian relationships.†

~ As always, we will continue to keep communication paths open amongst all members of the pet health team.†

~ Our website enables referring vets to view patient reports online, at any time of the day or night.†

~ We are also committed to returning all patients to their regular veterinary clinic after the need for emergency or critical care has passed.†

~ Our Ambulance is now fully equipped to transfer critical patients safely to and from referring veterinary clinics.†

~ For those patients requiring orthopaedic surgery we are able to offer the skills of Dr. Wing Tip Wong. Wing Tip is a renown surgeon who works predominantly out of Melbourne University, contributing to the undergraduate teaching program as well as continuing education for practising veterinarians. He is associated with the introduction of several new surgical techniques in Melbourne, and continues to be a leader in the field of surgical techniques.†

~ Acupuncture, complimentary medicine and soft tissue surgery are also available through the Veterinary Referral section of the SEAEC.†

~ At all times we work in close conjunction with your regular or referring veterinarian, and they are able to refer cases