Pauline's Tail Tips - New Puppy

Pauline's Tail Tips - New Puppy

Pauline's Tail Tips - New Puppy

Pauline's Tail Tips - New Puppy


Be Prepared..........

If possible purchase or borrow a pet travelling crate to transport the puppy home.

Speak to the breeder before collecting the puppy to find out what food you will need and have this ready.  Most breeders will provide a diet sheet or consult your veterinarian for advice.  A vaccination certificate and a record of worming should be supplied and a registered puppy should have a registration certificate and transfer papers.


Also have some toys available for times when the puppy will be alone (this should only be for short periods at first).  Toys such as Kongs (which can be stuffed with food or frozen with yoghurt inside) are excellent.  Also dentabones, hide bones and very large uncut bones are good things to amuse young dogs.  It is not a good idea to use old shoes for toys as this may give the youngster the wrong message about all footwear that they may find lying about.


The trip from the breeder to home may be the puppy's first time in a car so take some newspapers and old towels in case the puppy is car sick.  The transition for the puppy is quite stressful so do all you can to minimise this by being calm and quiet.

Having arrived home the puppy may feel very strange in its new environment and will be tired.  Offer the puppy some food and water, then take puppy outside for toileting, praise puppy after it has done the deed and then place the puppy in its bed for a sleep.
The travelling crate makes an excellent bed and the kitchen or nearby is a good spot for it.

At night play with the puppy till it is bed time for the family then take puppy outside for a final toileting before putting him back in the crate for the night.