Yarra Valley & The Dandenong Ranges


Starting off at Grants Picnic Ground, Kallista.                                     
     1.  Walk to Belgrave. 
     2.  Walk up to Sherbrooke Falls. 
     3.  Take the forest walk starting off behind the shop.   

Starting off at Silvan Reservoir.
     1.  Olinda Creek Walking Track - 5.6 km from Silvan to Mt Evelyn. 
     2.  Messmate Circuit Loop - 1.2 km 
     3. Stonyford Creek Guided Trail - a 30 minute stroll. 

Dandenong Ranges Tourist Track

This track extends from Main Street Sassafras in the north-west (Melway Ref 66 F9) to the Telopea steps, Telopea Road, Clematis in the south-east (Melway Ref 127  C2)

The distance of the tourist track is 17 km or 7 hours one way - Alternately you can walk a shorter section of the track. 


Choose your starting point along the 38km trail linking Lilydale and Warburton.  This is the site of the old steam railway which once carried timber and produce to the city markets. 

River Walk - Warburton

Beginning at Signs Bridge and following the Yarra behind the Caravan Park and out onto Woods Point Road. - Approximately 9 km. 

Riverside Walk - Warburton
The Riverside walk can begin or end at any of the six bridges crossing the Yarra behind the township.  watch out for a platypus particularly at dusk.  

La-la Falls - Near Warburton
1.5 hours return.  The track has a moderate grade and passes through attractive ferny glades  and tall Mountain Ash forest before reaching the picturesque falls. 

Richards Tramline - Near Warburton
7km one way, 3 hours each way  This walk follows an old logging tram line and winds up the southern side of the Mississippi Creek valley.


Mt Donna Buang to 10 Mile Picnic Area
1.2km - 30 minutes 

Mt Donna Buang to Rainforest Gallery
3 km - 1.5 hours Moderate to hard.  This beautiful site features a 40 metre long  observation platform which takes you into the rainforest canopy. 

The Ada Tree Walk (33 to 35 km from Warburton)
3.6km Loop - 1.5hours return  An enormous Mountain Ash 76 metres tall and extremely wide. The tree can be accessed via the Island Creek track which passes through cool temperate rainforest. 


Badger Weir
A number of walks can be taken from the car park reserve, but make sure you include  the walk along the western side of the creek, down from the weir. Lyrebirds are common and can be seen and heard to best advantage on those cooler days, or even in the rain, when the park is quieter. Just before sunset, (when the park closes) is also a special time. 

Maroondah Reservoir Park
Just a couple of kilometres east of Healesville, the Maroondah Dam is a popular picnic spot. There are also walks across the dam and up to a lookout overlooking the Maroondah water catchment. 

Mt Riddell - Healesville
On the south-eastern edge of town, off Don Rd, Mt Riddell provides a challenging climb to anyone who hasn't kept up with their exercise classes. With great views from the top, the route also allows foot access to many, many miles of native bush. 


Mt St Leonard's Lookout
Quite literally, one of the high points around town. The old fire-spotters tower has been turned into a lookout than commands views that reach as far as the eye can see.

The tower is at the end of a 1.5km walk from the nearest bush road, or is just the first stop on the National Trail, after a steep trek from Donnelly's Weir. Healesville is at the southern end of the National Trail. 

Wirra Willa Walk - Toolangi
This special little board walk is well worth the round trip, 15km out to Toolangi  via Myer's Creek Road, and back down Chum Creek Road. The board walk is quite new, but the ferns are as old as history. An enchanting, cool spot, to visit on a hot day.

The walk can be completed in half an hour, but allow much longer.