Birds in the Foothills

The Berwick Foothills has a plethora
of bird life

Here are some listed from
a Monash University study



Dusky Moorhen White Faced Heron Australian Wood Duck 
Swamphen Grey Teal White Ibis
Marsh Crake Black Duck Little Pied Cormorant
Straw-necked Ibis Black Cormorant  Crested Grebe (see photo)

White Cockatoo (see photo)
Galah (see photo)
Eastern Rosella
Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
Gang Gang Cockatoo
Crimson Rosella (see photo)
Musk Lorikeet

King Parrot

Golden Whistler Pilot Bird Brown Headed Honeyeater
Rufous Whistler Silvereye  White Naped Honeyeater
Rufous Fantail Grey Fantail New Holland Honeyeater
Beautiful Firetail Willy Wagtail (see photo) Crescent Honeyeater
Striated Pardalote Spotted Pardalote White Eared Honeyeater
Eastern Spinebill 

Mistletoe Bird

White Plumed Honeyeater
Tree Martin   Common Starling Blackfaced Cuckoo  Shrike
Satin Flycatcher Common Mina Red Browed Firetail
European Finch Superb Fairy Wren Australian Magpie Lark
Brown Thornbill Striated Thornbill Dusky Wood Swallow
Varied Sittella Reed Warbler White Browed Scrub Wren
Eastern Whipbird Leaden Flycatcher WhiteThroated Tree Creeper
Red Wattlebird  Crested Shrike Tit Yellow Faced Honeyeater 
Pallid Cuckoo   Fan Tailed Cuckoo Shining Bronze Cuckoo
Song Thrush Brush Cuckoo Bell Miner
White's Thrush  Richard's Pipit Noisey Miner
Grey Shrike Thrush Common Bronzewing
Spotted Turtledove Brush Bronzewing
Masked Plover Feral Pigeon (see photo)
Eastern Yellow Robin Spine Tailed Swift
Jacky Winter Welcome Swallow
Australian Magpie Blackbird



Australian Raven
Sacred Kingfisher
Little Raven
Grey Currawong 
Pied Currawong
Grey Butcher Bird  
Birds of Prey

Wedge-tailed Eagle
Boobook Owl
Brown Goshawk
Black Shouldered Kite
Brown Falcon