Bunyip State Park



45 minutes Berwick.  Mel Ref. 512 T5

Beware of the Bunyip,  a dark furry animal with a round face, small ears and fiery eyes that glow in the dark!!!!

Bunyip State Park is 16,600 ha. Explore and experience the park's rugged bush setting through a range of activities.    

  • Discover the park on foot
  • Picnic at Mortimer or Dyers Picnic Grounds or at Tomahawk Creek
  • Explore the Four Brothers Rocks
  • Go horse riding or mountain bike riding
  • Pitch a tent  ( contact the ranger)
  • Go 4 wheel driving or trail bike riding
  • Visit Kurth Kiln Park 

Suggested walks

Lawson Falls Nature Walk  
750m  30 minutes one-way (easy)   A self-guided walk that takes you to the only falls within the park.

Mortimer Nature Walk
1.2km  45 minutes return (easy)    A self guided nature walk introducing the plants, animals and other features of William Wallace and Diamond Creeks.

Mortimer Circuit 
9.5 km   4 hours return  (moderate)   Starting from Mortimer Park Picnic Ground, follow Tonimbuk Road and turn into Windy Point Road. Tree Fern Track with its tall shady trees, is the next path to follow which crosses Link Road and then joins into Triangle Road. The last leg of your journey is along Silvertop Ridge Track & Hackett Track, and before you know it you are back at Mortimer Picnic Ground. 

Dyers Circuit & Four Brothers
Both walks start from Dyers Picnic Ground. Follow Black Snake Creek Road then turn right into Reids Track and then turn right into Two Dams Track.   At Helmut Track you take the longer Four Brothers Walk, 17 km, 4 hours return (moderate/difficult) via Brugess Road and Rankins Track.

For the shorter Dyers Circuit walk 
11km,  3 hours return (moderate), take Pines and Lawless Tracks back to Black Snake Creek Road. Here you can either turn back to Dyers Picnic Ground or continue to Ash Landing Road and Russells Track, which offers a different range of plants.

Lawson Falls Circuit
5 km  2 hours return  (moderate)  Start at forest road or Tea Tree Road in the east of the park.   Notes are available at the start of the walk.    

For more information      Parks Victoria  13 1963